Acro Aircraft Seating has been selected to supply Deutsche Aircraft with its Series 9 economy class seats for the D328 family of aircraft, which includes the new D328eco.

The new Acro Series 9, with its lightweight design and wider seat pitch, make it ideal for airlines travelling regional and short-haul routes.

The weight of the seat also contributes to the sustainable mission of Deutsche Aircraft, reducing the cabin weight and reducing fuel burn.

Thus far, the D328eco programme is continuing apace, as this new announcement makes Acro the fourth supplier publicly announced by Deutsche Aircraft. It joins EFW, Bucher Group, and Reiser, who were announced as suppliers back in November last year.

“Acro Aircraft Seating has been selected based on a multifunctional assessment of innovation, sustainability, quality and economic factors,” said Nico Neumann, Chief Operating Officer at Deutsche Aircraft. 

The Acro seats will be installed on the D328eco in a baseline 40-passenger configuration. They will also be available as a retrofit option for the D328 turboprop and D328 jet.

“This selection is a significant step within the D328eco development schedule, as we are now completing the interior selection for the cabin, cargo and cockpit,” he added.

Neil Cairns, Chief Executive of Acro Aircraft Seating, said: “We are delighted at this latest endorsement for our versatile Acro Series 9, particularly as Deutsche Aircraft is so widely respected in the industry. We’re excited about contributing to the ongoing success story at Deutsche Aircraft.”